Galleries - Chelsea

Issue of 2005 : 07 04

Anna Jóelsdóttir

If you had one of those family - tree genealogies of modern art ( made famous by
Alfred Barr and Ad Reinhard) Jóelsdóttir’s work would stem from two different branches:
the cerebral, linear abstraction of painters like Barnett Newman and Kenneth Noland and
the angsty, squiggly expressionism of artists like Egon Schiele. Angular, tricolored stripes,
like racing colors or road dividers, end in tangled, scribbled, frenetic bursts, like a lightning
bolt emitting charge. The white grounds of the paintings serve as perfect stages for each
round in what seems a more lasting epic bout..

Through July 9 ( Stux Gallery, 530 W 25th St. NY)
Exhibition Dates : Thursday, June 2 – Saturday July 9 2005)