Art Letter

by Paul Klein
July 10, 2009

Anna Jóelsdóttir

THERE'S SOMTHING SPECIAL AND NEW while also old and familiar about Anna Jóelsdóttir’s art, opening tonight at Zg Gallery. Dividing her time between her native Iceland and Chicago there is a unique perspective in her work that melds Chicago influences with global forces. Sometimes I’m reminded of facets of Joan Mitchell in her art and sometimes her linear quality is reminiscent of Cy Twombly, but I find him pretentious and Anna accessible. There’s a love of art and process here. Jóelsdóttir spent 18 months making the painting that cascades from the windows, drawing and painting on both sides of the vellum - and it isn’t for sale. It’s just a prototype. She’s good and getting better and I already own one.