priest chews velvet haddock

Stux Gallery, NYC
(11.19.09 - 1.9.10)

artist statement is an abstract story.

priest chews velvet haddock as the lime glistening parachute glides east and upwards under deep lake reflecting small fingers chasing lost pink ribbon twittering by shoe sunk floating east in frosted blood green river melting the blind man squinting towards throbbing music by tattooed foot in worn flip flops the girl in rose running towards silent ghost bell in distant mountain invisible yellow bird in broken tail light half eye turned in red helmet frost bite glittering stilts sunk in pinstripe rust reflection of broken window glass knuckled fingers rearrange burgundy head scarf watching the frog on leash jumping in muddy hiding where the broken freight train sits forever - October, 2009 : AJ

stone black heart murmur

Tarble Arts Center
Eastern Illinois University
August / October 9, 2009

artist statement is an abstract story.

the hook in the fish eye floating in the distant sunrise waiting for snow in june yellow bird watching the blind man in white shirt drifting by the flickering night television far away from the staccato  tunnel sound where memory in  blue meets the morning train gliding east approaching front window reflecting the pink baby shoe stuck in sun cracked clay  moist in lime dripping popsicle with worn rings on ancient fingers holding the frog on pink leash  the girl in rose smudging the hop scotch on the broken land map stone black heart murmur.  - July 29, 2009 : AJ

the dandelions are over

Zg Gallery, Chicago
July - August, 2009

artist statement is an abstract story.

the bug in the shower floating towards the drain in the steamed up mirror soldiers click heels in dirty blood under the windows of lowering helicopters reflecting the super model’s glossy stilts on fuchsia runway where the mouse ate the poison as the old woman in sap green cardigan, orange button missing, reached out for the baby in blue long gone home to mother polar bear and the swing came back before the girl in rose jumped and ran from the playground as the ancestors began disappearing and the noise from the empty buildings echoed on the dark cliffs in the dense reddish distance; the dandelions are over.  
- May, 2009 : AJ

Whimsical Impetus

Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland

Whimsical Impetus

A group show of five female abstract painters at the Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland:Anna Jóelsdóttir, Arna Gná Gunnarsdóttir, Gudný Kristmannsdóttir, Laufey Johansen, Maja Siska. March 14 - May 10, 2009. Curator is Bjarni Sigurbjörnsson. A book of 168 pages has been published with images of the artists' work and from the exhibit´s installations. The book includes essays by the curator Bjarni Sigurbjörnsson and Hannes Sigurdsson the Musueum´s director and short essays by each artist. The book is in Icelandic and English. See the book!



April 24 - 28, 2008

Merchandise Mart, Chicago; Solo project with STUX Gallery NY, Booth # 7-4035
Installation: sixty still standing



Live Art at Macy's

On-site installation.

ASI Art Museum

Reykjavik, Iceland
April, 2006

An installation of paintings, 3D work, 7 sticks, ladder and accordion style book.